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What is Axiom Discovery?

Axiom Discovery is your one-stop source for aptitude and skills testing on the Web.

Axiom's Discovery series is designed to give you a fully rounded picture of a person's particular skills and abilities. It's a range of online, interactive assessments covering business skills and aptitudes of all kinds. The Discovery range consists of six different tests:

Abstract Reasoning Abstract Reasoning
'Abstract Reasoning' is the facility to identify patterns and make predictions based on those patterns. It's a core aptitude that lies behind problem solving skills.
Advanced Numeracy Advanced Numeracy
A test to assess the candidate's awareness of key mathematical concepts, and their ability to put numeracy skills to practical use.
Basic Numeracy Basic Numeracy
A test of the ability to work with numbers, Basic Numeracy will assess how quickly and accurately a candidate can perform tasks involving mental arithmetic. Also available in a timed version.
Comprehension Comprehension
A test designed to test general level of reading comprehension, as well as looking at the aptitude for inferring and deducing information from written text.
Computer Literacy Computer Literacy
A general test of awareness and expertise in the field of computers, and related technologies. The test assesses basic understanding of background concepts, as well as examining a range of specific areas of computing knowledge.
English Usage English Usage
A test that assesses the candidate's basic English language skills, including word choice, punctuation and grammatical concepts.
Keyboard Skills Keyboard Skills
A test that assesses the candidate's skills at using a keyboard, assessing both typing speed and levels or accuracy, precision and familiarity.
Retention Retention
A test that measures how effectively a candidate can absorb and retain information presented using a variety of formats and layouts.
Spatial Spatial Ability
A test that measures how well a candidate can perceive and imagine objects in space and their relations to one another.
Speed and Accuracy Speed and Accuracy
A test that measures speed and precision over a series of specially designed questions, to establish how flexibly a candidate can adapt to different types of tasks, and how accurately they can work under pressure of time.
Verbal Dexterity Verbal Dexterity
A test of one of the most important communication skills: the understanding of the meanings and use of English words and phrases.
Verbal Reasoning Verbal Reasoning
A test of a candidate's ability to extract information from textual material using their powers of deduction and logical thought.

All available for just $10.00 per test.

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