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Axiom Discovery is your one-stop source for aptitude and skills testing on the Web. Axiom's Discovery series is designed to give you a fully rounded picture of a person's particular skills and abilities. It's a range of online, interactive assessments covering business skills and aptitudes of all kinds. The Discovery range consists of all these different tests:

Abstract Reasoning Abstract Reasoning
'Abstract Reasoning' is the facility to identify patterns and make predictions based on those patterns. It's a core aptitude that lies behind problem solving skills.
Keyboard Skills Keyboard Skills
A test that assesses the candidate's skills at using a keyboard, assessing both typing speed and levels or accuracy, precision and familiarity.
Advanced Numeracy Advanced Numeracy
A test to assess the candidate's awareness of key mathematical concepts, and their ability to put numeracy skills to practical use.
Retention Retention
A test that measures how effectively a candidate can absorb and retain information presented using a variety of formats and layouts.
Basic Numeracy Basic Numeracy
A test of the ability to work with numbers, Basic Numeracy will assess how quickly and accurately a candidate can perform tasks involving mental arithmetic. Also available in a timed version.
Spatial Spatial Ability
A test that measures how well a candidate can perceive and imagine objects in space and their relations to one another.
Comprehension Comprehension
A test designed to test general level of reading comprehension, as well as looking at the aptitude for inferring and deducing information from written text.
Speed and Accuracy Speed and Accuracy
A test that measures speed and precision over a series of specially designed questions, to establish how flexibly a candidate can adapt to different types of tasks, and how accurately they can work under pressure of time.
Computer Literacy Computer Literacy
A general test of awareness and expertise in the field of computers, and related technologies. The test assesses basic understanding of background concepts, as well as examining a range of specific areas of computing knowledge.
Verbal Dexterity Verbal Dexterity
A test of one of the most important communication skills: the understanding of the meanings and use of English words and phrases.
English Usage English Usage
A test that assesses the candidate's basic English language skills, including word choice, punctuation and grammatical concepts.
Verbal Reasoning Verbal Reasoning
A test of a candidate's ability to extract information from textual material using their powers of deduction and logical thought.

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Reporting Features

Axiom Discovery doesn't just give you a candidate's score, but many tests also break down that score to give you a detailed picture of a person's true abilities. You'll also find direct comparisons against other individuals' scores, and if you test a candidate more than once, Discovery will track their changing scores for you.

Online Testing

You can run any test directly in your browser, but you can also set up tests for a candidate to complete through their own Web connection. This all just takes a few moments to set up, and Discovery handles all the administration for you.

Discovery Batteries

Discovery's Batteries feature organises your tests and results for you. Batteries allow you to set up your own custom sets of tests, and manage related candidates as a group. Discovery can even rank candidates in a Battery according to priorities you define.

Personality Profiling

Axiom Discovery provides tests aimed at assessing particular skills and aptitudes. If you need personality profiling, too, then we recommend visiting our sister site, Discus Online. Discus Online is one of the oldest and best established online DISC services, with an extraordinary range of personality testing and reporting features.

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